ⓘ Spiny grevillea. Grevillea spinosa, also known as the spiny grevillea, is an evergreen shrub of the genus Grevillea native to an area in the east of the Mid Wes ..


ⓘ Spiny grevillea

Grevillea spinosa, also known as the spiny grevillea, is an evergreen shrub of the genus Grevillea native to an area in the east of the Mid West, northern Goldfields-Esperance and southern Pilbara regions of Western Australia.


1. Description

The prickly shrub typically grows to a height of 1 to 2 metres 3.3 to 6.6 ft and has non-glaucous branchlets. It has simple, dissected, subpinnatisect leaves with a blade that is 25 to 60 millimetres 0.98 to 2.36 in. It blooms from May to September and produces a terminal raceme irregular inflorescence with green or yellow flowers and orange styles. Later it forms red-brown simple hairy oblong to ovoid fruit that is 9 to 14 mm 0.4 to 0.6 in long. The plant has papery bark that in sheds minni ritchi style in long strips. It regenerates from seed only. G. spinosa is similar to Grevillea pteridifolia and Grevillea eriostachya, both of which have longer, non-pungent, pliable leaf lobes.

Grevillea spinosa is found around Wiluna from the Canning Stock Route to the Little Sandy Desert and as far south as Yeelirrie Station. It grows on stony ridges and in gravelly, sandy or loamy soils often over sandstone. The plant is used in gardens as an informal screen, informal hedge or barrier that is able to tolerate dry soils and light frosts.

  • Grevillea phanerophlebia, commonly known as the prominent vein grevillea and the vein leaf grevillea is a shrub of the genus Grevillea native to a small
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  • steedmanii Steedman s Gum Gastrolobium luteifolium Grevillea infundibularis Fan - leaf Grevillea Grevillea maxwellii Hibbertia priceana Kunzea similis Lambertia
  • 1998. Neither have been removed from the EPBC list of extinct plants. The Spiny Everlasting Acanthocladium dockeri was reclassified as critically endangered
  • to the south - west of Western Australia where these shrubs grow. Other Grevillea shrubs may also be used as host plants. The larva caterpillar of this
  • Cooke MC. 1887 Some exotic fungi Grevillea 16 78 25 6. Mycenastrum bovistoides Cooke Massee, Grevillea 16 78 26, 1887 MycoBank. International
  • is endemic to an area around Perth in Western Australia. A. aphylla is spiny and leafless erect and widely branching shrub that grows to 0.9 to 3 metres
  • which is a depressed roundish capsule covered in gray tomentose and softly spiny stellate hairs. The seeds ca. 5 mm are blackish brown, rounded and wedge
  • sclerophyll woodland areas with shrubs typically wattles, callistemons, grevilleas and banksias and sparse grass in the understory, reminiscent of Mediterranean
  • Lithocarpus stone oaks as well as in those of unrelated species such as Grevillea robusta silky oaks and the Casuarinaceae she - oaks The genus Quercus
  • difficult to look after but can be very aggressive to other cage birds. Grevillea Robyn Gordon is a useful companion shrub as it bears flowers all year
  • Embothrium firebushes Embothrium coccineum Chilean firebush Grevillea grevillea trees Grevillea robusta silk oak Australian silver oak Hakea hakea
  • cinnamomi in the 1970s, Banksia marginata along with such species as Grevillea steiglitziana was part of a secondary regrowth of understory species
  • recognised by its large, spreading aerial roots, and the kapok tree, which has a spiny trunk, large, waxy red flowers and pods full of cotton - like material. The
  • Molyneux Grevillea NSW Grevillea murex WA Grevillea obtusiflora Grey Grevillea NSW Grevillea pythara Pythara Grevillea WA Grevillea rara Rare Grevillea WA Grevillea
  • 1007 s10265 - 018 - 1057 - 2. PMID 30032395. Steven R. Manchester Behnaz Balmaki 2018 Spiny fruits revealed by nano - CT scanning: Pseudoanacardium peruvianum Berry

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