Custom may refer to: Convention norm a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted rules, norms, standards or criteria, often taking the form of
The Ford Custom is an automobile which was produced by Ford in the United States, Canada and Australia in certain years from 1949 to 1981. For the 1949
A custom motorcycle is a motorcycle with stylistic and or structural changes to the standard mass - produced machine offered by major manufacturers. Custom
A custom house or customs house was traditionally a building housing the offices for a jurisdictional government whose officials oversaw the functions
Custom software also known as bespoke software or tailor - made software is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other
The Kimber Custom is an M1911 style semi - automatic pistol. It is designed, manufactured, and distributed by Kimber Manufacturing, Inc. in Yonkers, New
Google Custom Search formerly known as Google Co - op is a platform provided by Google that allows web developers to feature specialized information in
The Custom House Irish: Teach an Chustaim is a neoclassical 18th century building in Dublin, Ireland which houses the Department of Housing, Planning
Custom Robo is a series of science fiction action role - playing video games developed by NOISE and published by Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 1999. The series currently
A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been either substantially altered to improve its performance, often by altering or replacing the engine and

Custom Line is a brand of the Italian yacht manufacturer, Ferretti. The company s yachts are produced in Fano, Ancona and Cattolica, while the office Headquarters
The Gibson Les Paul Custom is a higher - end variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. It was developed in 1953 after Gibson had introduced the Les Paul model
The Ford Transit Custom is a mid - sized, front wheel drive van produced by Ford Europe since 2012. This is the smaller version of the Ford Transit Mk.5
Custom Bus previously Custom Coaches is an Australian bus body builder in St Marys, New South Wales. In 1935 Stanley Hillsdon founded Cycle Components
Custom House for ExCeL is a Docklands Light Railway DLR and future Elizabeth line station in Custom House, Canning Town in London, England. It is by
The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House is a building in New York City built in 1902 1907 by the federal government to house the duty collection operations
Custom PC usually abbreviated to CPC is a UK - based computer magazine created by Mr Freelance Limited, and originally published by Dennis Publishing
Custom Robo Arena, known in Japan as Gekitō Custom Robo 激闘 カスタムロボ, Gekitō Kasutamu Robo, Custom Robo Rumble is a science fiction action role playing
Custom media or, customer media is a marketing term referring broadly to the development, production and delivery of media print, digital, audio, video
Custom Royal Lancers only the 4 Door Sedan was known as strictly a Custom Royal 1955 Dodge Custom Royal 1955 Dodge Custom Royal 1956 Dodge Custom Royal
This is an incomplete list of aftermarket distributions custom firmware, custom ROM of the Android operating system that have received independent coverage
U.S. Custom House is a historic custom house building located at Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is a granite, steel frame structure measuring

A custom home is a one - of - a - kind house that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location. The custom home builder may use plans created
The Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom or Jaguar Bass VI Custom is a retro electric bass guitar manufactured in 2005 and 2006, based on the 1964 Fender Jaguar
Custom firmware, also known as aftermarket firmware, is an unofficial new or modified version of firmware created by third parties on devices such as video
In agriculture, custom harvesting or custom combining is the business of harvesting of crops for others. Custom harvesters usually own their own combines
Custom House is a Canadian foreign exchange and money transfers company based in Victoria, British Columbia. It was acquired by Western Union in 2009 and
The Old Custom House is a building in what is now Old Montreal, which served as Montreal s first custom house. The building was completed in 1836, designed
Custom Robo, known in Japan as Custom Robo: Battle Revolution, is an action role - playing video game developed by Noise and published by Nintendo for the
Custom Ink is an American - based online retail company that makes custom apparel such as T - shirts and sweatshirts. Custom Ink was launched in 1999 by former


A custumal is a medieval English document, usually edited and composed over time, that stipulates the economic, political, and social customs of a manor or t...