ⓘ Chagrin Shale. The Chagrin Shale is a shale geologic formation in the eastern United States that is approximately 365 million years old. The Chagrin Shale is a ..

Chagrin Shale

ⓘ Chagrin Shale

The Chagrin Shale is a shale geologic formation in the eastern United States that is approximately 365 million years old. The Chagrin Shale is a grayish shale that begins thin and deep underground in north-central Ohio. As it proceeds east, the formation thickens, rises to the surface, and contains greater amounts of siltstone.


1. Identification and name

The Chagrin Shale was identified in 1873 and named for the Chagrin River in 1903. John Strong Newberry, director of the Ohio State Geological Survey, first identified the formation in 1873. He called it the Erie Shale, but it was discovered that the name "Erie Shale" was preoccupied already in use. Ohio State University professor of geology Charles S. Prosser further described the formation in 1903, and proposed the name "Chagrin Shale" because the shale presented such excellent outcroppings near the Chagrin River. Dr. Prossers suggested nomenclature was adopted. Details of the type locality and of stratigraphic nomenclature of the Chagrin Shale, as used by the U.S. Geological Survey, are available on-line at the National Geologic Map Database.


2. Lithology

The Chagrin Shale is a gray or greenish-gray argillaceous shale consisting of gray siltstone, silty gray shale, soft gray clay shale, and uncommonly grayish-black shale. The primary minerals in the shale are chlorite, illite, kaolinite, and quartz. Thin to massive beds of siltstone and sandstone are common. The amount of siltstone increases from west to east, at times forming beds up to 50 feet 15 m thick. Thin layers of ironstone and marcasite, as well as concentrations of marcasite, occur throughout the shale.

The Chagrin Shale is classified as a weak to medium-strong rock, with a compressive strength anywhere from 5.000 pounds per square inch 34.000 kPa to 15.000 pounds per square inch 100.000 kPa. The strength of the rock is much lower near soil/rock interface where there is stress relief, and if there is weathering.


3. Distribution

The Chagrin Shale is found in north-central and northeastern Ohio, and in northwestern Pennsylvania. The Chagrin Shale reaches a maximum thickness of 1.200 feet 370 m in eastern Ohio. In Ohio, the Chagrin Shale is thin in the west, underlying the Cleveland Shale and overlying the Huron Shale. It is deep underground here, and thickens as it proceeds east. Studies show that the Chagrin Shale in Ohio grades into and between the Cleveland and Huron shales.

The Chagrin Shale also extends south into West Virginia. The unit is also present in Kentucky, where it is mapped as the Chagrin Shale tongue of the Ohio Shale.


4. Stratigraphy

The Chagrin Shale is Famennian stage rock approximately 365 million years old.

It is a member of the Ohio Shale. The Chagrin Shale is thin in the west, underlying the Cleveland Shale and overlying the Huron Shale. It is deep underground here, and thickens as it proceeds east. Studies show that the Chagrin Shale grades into and between the Cleveland and Huron shales.


5. Paleobiology

The Chagrin Shale preserves fossils dating to the Late Devonian period. Marine fossils found in the formation include the coelacanth fish Chagrinia, plants, and trace fossils including the ichnogenus Chagrinichnites.


6. Geochemistry

Hydrogen sulfide and more frequently methane gas are found in the Chagrin Shale. On some occasions, these pockets of gas have proven quite large, and when reached by drills have vented for several weeks. Water infiltration of the formation on a sustained or large scale is rarely seen.


7. Bibliography

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  • of Chagrin Falls. The Chagrin River was designated as a state scenic river in 1979. Along its banks and tributaries Berea sandstone, Bedford shale Cleveland
  • distinction between the Cleveland Shale and underlying Chagrin Shale At the very bottom of the Cleveland Shale there is a thin, discontinuous layer of pyrite
  • period. The holotype, Chagrinia enodis, was found eroded out of the Chagrin Shale in the Euclid Creek Reservation in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1960 by a local
  • Generally, the Bedford Shale in Ohio is underlain by the Cleveland Shale throughout most of Ohio, although it is underlain by the Chagrin Shale in the east. The
  • The lowest visible bedrock is Chagrin Shale Named for the Chagrin River and easily found in the river valley, Chagrin shale is blue gray in color, an offshore
  • rock formations from the Paleozoic Era, including the fossiliferous Chagrin Shale It joins the Grand River in Painesville Township in Helen Hazen Wyman
  • creek s confluence with the Cuyahoga River, the creek has begun to reveal Chagrin Shale bluish - gray and opaque, laid down 360 million years ago. Tinker s Creek
  • North Chagrin Reservation. Buttermilk Falls in the North Chagrin Reservation. A bend in the Rocky River in the Rocky River Reservation. Shale cliffs
  • consists of shales and sandstones deposited during the Paleozoic Era, including the Ohio Shale usually divided into the Chagrin Shale Huron Shale and Cleveland
  • Here, the river is characterized by steeply - incised valley walls of Chagrin Shale A view of the river in this area is truly spectacular especially following

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  • years old. This includes the 365 million year old Chagrin Shale the 360 million year old Cleveland Shale the 358.9 million year old Bedford Formation
  • Brief History of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry. Retrieved 2012 - 07 - 07. Shale Oil Industry Scotland Hansard
  • Carboniferous Bull Fork Formation Ordovician Chagrin Shale Devonian Clays Ferry Formation Ordovician Cleveland Shale Devonian Columbus Limestone Devonian Ames
  • vast amounts of petroleum in the Devonian shales Since then, the Marcellus Shale and the deeper Utica Shale have shown their economic potential. Map
  • Lockeia from the Dakota Formation Upper Cretaceous Lockeia from the Chagrin Shale Upper Devonian of northeastern Ohio. This is an example of the trace
  • Pleocyemata: Axiidea from the Late Devonian Famennian Chagrin Shale Member of the Ohio Shale USA Journal of Crustacean Biology. 39 6 724 728. doi: 10
  • Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in 1967. The limestone and shale bedrock of the Hueston Woods area provides evidence of the ancient shallow
  • Delaware word literally translated as sharp tool river based on the shale found along its shores. Early settlers to the region translated this into
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  • national forest is based on late Paleozoic geology, heavy in sandstones and shales including redbeds, with many coal beds. The topography is typically very
  • the Chagrin and the Cleveland shales created in the late Devonian Period 382.5 to 359 million years ago as well as early Carboniferous Period shale in
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  • Natural Landmark. Located near Lewis Center, the park was named for large shale bluffs that overlook the Olentangy River. Within the park is a large nature

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Chagrin Shale of Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, USA.

Aug 31, 2014 research by Juergen Schieber on shales, microbial fossils, mars, planetary geology, microbe sediment interactions, Devonian black shale,. Devonian Black Shale Outcrops. Upper Devonian Chagrin Shale of Northeastern Ohio containing evidence of and other benthic organisms preserved in the Cleveland Shale Famennian,.

Ohio Geology – Hyde Collection Case Western Reserve University.

Borders the Grand River below a spectacular, exposed 360 million year old Chagrin Valley Shale cliff. Views of the wide, scenic river are. Chagrin Shale Shale, Paleontology, Geology Pinterest. Age of the Chagrin Shale is Late Devonian late Famennian based on conodont and brachiopod faunas. Best age data from conodont analysis. USGS BU1294G opt 306762 7.pdf State of Michigan. Geologists have divided CVNPs shale into three major areas, based on natural stream divisions: Chagrin Shale, Cleveland Shale, and Bedford.

Shale Chagrin Valley Conference.

Above the Chagrin Shale is Cleveland Shale, a Devonian formation which is an important source of local fossils. The Cleveland Shale is overlaid by Bedford Shale. Late Devonian of Ohio JStor. Chagrin Shale. member of Ohio Shale. Chagrin Member. In more languages. Spanish. No label defined. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label​. Chagrin Shale Member Outcrop at Hogback Ridge Metro Park, Lake. Geologists have divided the shales into Chagrin Shale, Cleveland Shale, and the Bedford Formation. All three occur either at Brandywine Falls or. Search Limiters ETD OhioLINK. This park offers impressive views of the 360 million year old Chagrin Shale cliff above a deep river valley. The name Hell Hollow according to all known.

Guest Column: Cuyahoga Valley National Park geology in winter.

In western Ohio, the Cleveland Shale appears to interbed with the Chagrin Shale below it, erasing the clear boundary between the two rock formations. Upper part ​. Fluctuations in a late devonian early Mississippian phytoplankton. At Avon Lake the Chagrin shale is folded into an east west trending anticline four feet high and thirty feet wide. The overlying Cleveland shale is a little. Lee Hall ar Twitter: Tracefossils in the gorgeous blue gray Chagrin. Corpus ID: 131384030. Arthropod trace fossils, interpreted as echinocarid escape burrows, from the Chagrin Shale Late Devonian of Ohio. Shale Gas Development in the Unit preview & related info. Devonian Organic Rich Shales in West Virginia: West Virginia Geological &. Economic Survey Chagrin Shale Member de Witt and Roen, 1985 which was​.

Late Devonian and Early Mississippian Distal Basin Margin.

Rare Crustaceans from the Upper Devonian Chagrin Shale in Northern Ohio. Sturgeon, M. T. Halvin, W. J. Kesling, R. V. Sturgeon, M. T. Halvin, W. J. Kesling,. Redstone Run Highland Reserve. Shalei the Ohio Shale and its members the Huron, Chagrin, and Cleveland Shales and the. Bedford Shale. Figure 5 is a schematic diagram showing the. Latest Devonian–Earliest Mississippian nearshore trace fossil. With characterizing the paleoredox conditions of the Ohio Shale, our research will also upper Huron, Chagrin and Cleveland shales Provo et al., 1978.

Rare Crustaceans from the Upper Devonian Chagrin Shale in.

Toward the north, Berea Sandstone and Ohio Shale are exposed in Low relief folds in the Ohio Shale were formed above the Chagrin Shale. Characterization of devonian black shale depositional ShareOK. Science devoted largely to a consideration of the Ohio shale in northern Ohio Cliff of Huron shale Chagrin at Beach Park on shore of Lake Erie, showing one​. Michael W. Wise Ohio Shale & Energy Attorney McDonald Hopkins. Shales of the Chagrin Shale, the 20 30 ft thick distal part of which is the Three Lick Bed of the Ohio Shale. Fig. 4. The Cleveland Member is exposed along. Collection Area & Database Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 1980 placed it on top of the Bedford Formation. The Chagrin Shale Member of the Ohio Shale For mation, named by Prosser 1903, is a wedge shaped.

Petrography and Reservoir Geology of Upper Devonian Shales.

And Andover, Ohio, showing the graded relationship of the Cleveland Member and Huron Member of the Ohio Shale to the Chagrin Shale. File:Grading of Chagrin media Commons. Buttermilk Falls creek cascades down from Cleveland Shale through Cleveland and Chagrin Members of the Ohio Shale, over 100 million years of geologic history. Chagrin Shale data. Place your hand on the contact of a classic disconformity or a hiatus in time between the Chagrin Shale and Cleveland Shale in Euclid, Ohio.

West Virginia WVGES WVNet.

Arthropod trace fossils, interpreted as echinocarid escape burrows, from the Chagrin Shale Late Devonian of Ohio. Journal of Paleontology, 57:705–716. Search results for: Mohammad Djavid. Specimen of a nearly complete cephalothorax and pleon of a new arthropod from the Late Devonian Famennian Chagrin Shale Member. Geology of the Devonian black shales of the Appalachian Basin. Arthropod trace fossils, interpreted as echinocarid escape burrows, from the Chagrin Shale Late Devonian of Ohio. JT Hannibal, RM Feldmann. Journal of. Oldest fossil axiid Decapoda: Pleocyemata: Axiidea, from the Late. ESCAPE BURROWS, FROM THE CHAGRIN SHALE. LATE DEVONIAN underlain by Late Devonian shales, primarily the Chagrin and Cleveland formations. Cleveland Shale pedia. Our Devonian rock sequence the Chagrin Shale through the Berea Sandstone is exposed in the Cleveland Metroparks Brecksville Reservation along.

Analyses of Devonian Black Shale in Kentucky for Potential Carbon.

In northeastern Ohio the Ohio black shale of early reports was divided by Dr. Newberry into the Huron, Erie, and Cleveland shales,2 of which the Erie was later. Hell Hollow Wilderness Area, waterfall Lake Metroparks. In the underlying Cleveland and Chagrin Shales. The Highland Reserve lies where Redstone Run falls over the bluestone to create its own small shale gorge. Buttermilk Falls Scenic Overlook Cleveland Metroparks. Fig. 3. Map locations of the DOE Eastern Gas Shales Project drill cores collected. Fig. 4. Black Cleveland Shale above gray Chagrin Shale in an EGSP core from. ‪Joseph T Hannibal‬ ‪Google Scholar‬. Distribution of the Devonian shale and associated gas production in Kentucky Datum: Top of Ohio Shale. Chagrin. Log Crossplot: Ashland 60 Ford Motor,.


An outcrop of the Chagrin Shale Member of the Ohio Shale along Mill Creek in Hogback Ridge Metropolitan Park, Lake County, Ohio. This area is a locality for. The Huron and Cleveland Shales of Northern Ohio The University. 18.050 lf of 24 ft finished diameter tunnel in Chagrin. Shale lined with bolted, gasted, pre cast, steel fiber reinforced concrete segments depths ranging from.

Evaluating clay mineralogy as a thermal maturity indicator for Upper.

The clay mineralogy of the Upper Devonian age Chagrin and Huron Shale Members of the Ohio Shale was analyzed over in eastern Ohio to evaluate the. Color Palette. Group shales that were formed over 300 million years ago layers include the Chagrin shale, Cleveland shale generally contain Chagrin Silt Loam in the.

Euclid Creek Tunnel Anser Advisory.

The stability of a cavern excavated in the Chagrin shale was evaluated. During the excavation of the top heading, deformation of rock along the. CVNP Geological History That Will ROCK Your World Conservancy. The Cleveland Shale in particular is interesting because it contains oil, trace amounts of Uranium and natural gas. The oldest Chagrin Shale Formation is of. Portage Escarpment Deep History SlideShare. The tunnel passes predominantly through Chagrin Shale at an approximate depth of 200 feet. In addition to the vertical shafts, other construction was performed.

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