ⓘ River Effra. The River Effra is a former stream or small river in south London, England, now culverted for most of its course. Once a tributary of the River Tha ..

River Effra

ⓘ River Effra

The River Effra is a former stream or small river in south London, England, now culverted for most of its course. Once a tributary of the River Thames, flows from the Effra were incorporated in the Victorian era into a combined sewer draining much of the historic area of Peckham and Brixton.


1. Etymology

The etymology of the name "Effra" has been much disputed. There is no evidence that it was applied to the stream before the late 18th century, and early 19th century gazetteers gave it no name. A map of 1744 refers to it as the "Shore", and it was also referred to as "Brixton Creek" and "the Wash". Unlikely suggestions for the names origin include Ruskins, that it was "shortened from Effrena", that it was from a Celtic root "yfrid", or that it derived from Anglo-Saxon "efer", "bank", perhaps via "heah efre" "high bank" recorded in a charter of 693 for a spot on the bank of the Thames.

A more recent suggestion is that the name is a corruption of the place-name "Heathrow", the name of a manor which once covered some 70 acres south of present day Coldharbour Lane and east of present day Effra Road. By the 1790s the land making up the Manor of Heathrow was known as Effra Farm. There is evidence that the name was first applied to the stream at Brixton, perhaps taken from the name of the farm, and was only later extended to the rest of its course. A 2016 book by the Lambeth borough archivist supports this view, suggesting that other etymologies are a product of 19th century antiquarianism.


2.1. History Before the 19th century

The drainage basin of the stream covered around 20 square kilometres 8 sq miles of present-day inner South London. Historically the Effra was fed partly by a line of springs that emerged at between 80 and 100 metres above sea level along the 5 km ridge of the Great North Wood, where a layer of gravels overlies the impermeable London Clay. There were also springs at a lower level in Dulwich; the various tributaries met near Brixton before flowing to the Thames.

The lowest part of the river was diverted as early as the 13th century, after the monks of Bermondsey Priory made an agreement with neighbouring landowners to end flooding problems. Before that time the rivers course ran either into Walworth Marsh, which after draining became Walworth Common, or into the Earls Sluice to reach the Thames. The lower, northern part of the river appeared in Ogilbys Britannia of 1675 as the "New River".

While the upper, southern parts of the river were rural, they became increasingly suburbanised as the 19th century went on. The art critic John Ruskin, who grew up at Herne Hill close to one of the Effras tributaries, described "the good I got out of the tadpole-haunted ditch in Croxted Lane", and made an early sketch of a bridge over it.

Until about 1850 Brixton Road, where it ran along the course of the stream, was known as the "Washway", and the stream itself was often called the "Wash". By that time the Effra was heavily polluted with domestic waste, due to increasing development along its course, and by 1821 it was classed as an open sewer downstream of North Brixton. It still often flooded in heavy rain, and residents of Brixton Road and South Lambeth repeatedly complained of their houses being inundated. In 1847 the commissioners of the Surrey and East Kent Sewers, under the direction of surveyor Joseph Gwilt, carried out works "arching over" culverting the Effra as far upstream as Herne Hill.


2.2. History Post-industrial revolution

When the London sewerage system was constructed during the mid-19th century, its designer Sir Joseph Bazalgette incorporated flows from the River Effra into the southern division of the system. The Effra Branch Sewer, about 3 miles in length and costing some £19.400 to construct, received much of the Effras surface water and ran from the Norwood area into the Southern High Level Sewer at Croxted Lane. The Southern High Level itself ran from Herne Hill eastwards under Peckham and New Cross to Deptford. Here it joined the Southern Low Level Sewer, which picked up remaining effluent from the old depression converted to sewer at Vauxhall and passed under Kennington and Burgess Park to Deptford; the two branches merging to form the Southern Outfall Sewer that runs underneath Greenwich and Woolwich to Crossness.

As the area was increasingly urbanised, the remaining parts of the Effras upper course were incorporated into the surface water drainage system, although some parts remained open and marked on Ordnance Survey maps until the later 19th century. The main course of the Effra remained as a sewer and culverts beneath Brixton Road, South London, and seen through a drainage grate in the crypts under St. Lukes Church, West Norwood, South London.


3. Course

The river was fed by several tributaries which met above Brixton. The main branch of the Effra rises near Harold Road in Upper Norwood Recreation Ground, and flows through West Norwood. Where Norwood High Street merges at the fountain with the A215 to form Norwood Road, it was joined by a small tributary from Knights Hill ward.

A second branch rose south of Gipsy Hill and ran into West Dulwich via Croxted Road, after flowing from near the Westow House inn, Westow Hill. Beyond the Paxton pub opposite the end of Gipsy Hill its culvert captures water from Hamilton Road, forms the back garden line of Croxted Road and joins the other tributary at the South Circular Road, where it now forms the sewers of Croxted Road, Dulwich Road, Dalberg Road, Effra Road, Electric Lane, and Brixton Road.

East along the watershed, springs rose in Dulwich Wood, flowing through Belair Park and beneath North Dulwich to Herne Hill. Still further to the east a tributary called the Ambrook rose from springs in Sydenham Hill Wood and Peckarmans Wood, flowing to Herne Hill through present-day Dulwich Park, where its heavily landscaped channel is visible. The longest and easternmost tributary ran from Eliot Bank and Horniman Park in Forest Hill down to Herne Hill. Rocques map of 1746 called these confluences around Herne Hill railway station "Island Green". Most of these tributaries are no longer visible above ground: an exception is the Ambrook, which still flows seasonally in Sydenham Hill Wood.

The Effra flowed generally NNW until it reached its lower course, north of Brixton. At this point it turned northeast and then east, running through the grounds of Bermondsey Priory. It fed Lambeth and possibly Walworth Marshes, and may have joined the Earls Sluice, which entered the Thames at Deptford Wharf. After diversion in the 13th century, it ran directly west from Kennington to join the Thames at Vauxhall.


4. Folklore

A local story tells of a coffin found floating down the Thames in Victorian times, which was traced back to West Norwood Cemetery. Cemetery staff were puzzled to find that the plot the coffin had come from was undisturbed. Further investigation revealed that the ground beneath the grave had subsided, and the entire coffin had fallen into the underground Effra river, floating downstream to Vauxhall and entering the Thames.


5. Flooding

Although little more than a stream in the south, until 1935 the culverted watercourse flooded during heavy rains every decade or so; an inscription on a white stone tablet high up the side of a building in Elder Road, West Norwood reads: "FLOOD LEVEL 17th July 1890".

After a three-hour-long storm on Sunday 14 June 1914 the sewer overflowed again and flooded houses along its path from Elder Road to Chestnut Road, and locals were forced to evacuate their homes for several days. Further floods in the 1920s prompted works to enlarge the sewer. This was sufficient until a small part of the local area was flooded again during a powerful downpour on 20 July 2007.


6. The Unearthing the Effra Campaign

In 1992 a project by the London arts group Platform sparked a local campaign to dig up the river. The Unearthing the Effra project was based around a mock Effra Redevelopment Agency, which included a public office. The project gained publicity in local newspapers and radio stations.

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  • incorporated flows from the River Effra which used to flow through Brixton, into his high - level interceptor sewer also known as the Effra sewer. Brixton was
  • fording: The bend in the Thames near Vauxhall Bridge. The two arms of the River Effra joining in that vicinity, depositing their own load, with the athwart
  • Hermitage Road, Eversley Road and Harold Road. One of London s hidden rivers River Effra flows under the park and at the Harold Road end a wellhead exists

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River Effra Archives The London Economic. One of the journeys Ive taken is along the old course of the River Effra, using this as a way of positioning the twelve forgotten poets of the. Effra pub. RIVER EFFRA. Effra is the Genius loci of the River Effra. She is the daughter of Mama Thames. Peter Grant.

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Lost rivers could heat London to cut capitals emissions Energy. The Effra. This little stream ran from sources at Central Hill, Norwood just above Stanfords fine Library Map of London, 1862, marks Effra River where the. Effra clinic. The history of the Effra River South Londons lost waterway. People also search for.

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Do you prefer to be home or away from it?! by noelito Medium. Today, off Sydenham Hill runs the Ambrook stream, a tributary of the Effra, a lost river which still enters the Thames at Vauxhall. River Effra Visually. River Effra. As part our commitment to scholarly and academic excellence, all articles receive editorial review. Please come back soon. Thank you. This article​. River Effra Soothsayers Meet Red Earth Collective Shazam. RIVER EFFRA: SOUTH LONDON S SECRET SPINE PAPERBACK. Signal Books Ltd, United Kingdom, 2016. Paperback. Condition: New. Language: English. River Effra South Londons Secret Spine by Jon Newman. Even by the time James Skelton arrived in London to seek his fortune in the 1820s, polluted sections of the River Effra had already begun to be.

Find Book River Effra: South London s Secret Spine Paperback.

The River Effra is a river in south London, England. It is now underground. The name is derived from the Celtic word for torrent e.g. ffrydlif in current Welsh. River effra – Cultureseekers Blog. The River Effra is a former stream or small river in south London. South Londons emergence was a result of the existence and location of London Bridge.

River Effra pedia.

Originally published:. Effra The Follypedia Fandom. Working Together For A Stranger London. A collection of stuff I find that has to do with the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch and that seems inspiring,. Londons lost rivers GoParksLondon. River Effra. A river of South London, now mostly underground, which has given its name to various roads. The pedia page is at and the Londons Lost. River Effra: South Londons Secret Spine Book by Jon Newman. Anne Renwick tells the story of how the Effra, one of Londons lost rivers, came to play a key role in THE GOLDEN SPIDER. River Effra NEWS FROM CRYSTAL PALACE. River Effra: South Londons Secret Spine is the first comprehensive account, beginning with its underlying geology and pre history and continuing through to the.

Brixton Unitarian Church.

Seven of these rivers rise in north London and five south of the River Thames. They range in distance from the 14.8 km of the Effra to the 2.8 km of the Walbrook​. Big Splash mural, Brixton London Mural Preservation Society. River Effra book cover. Brixton Blog. ABOUT US. Brixton Blog is an online community newspaper about everything happening in Brixton, London. We cover local. River effra River, Southeast london, Old london Pinterest. Several of these lovely iron plaques have recently appeared in South London to mark the flow of the River Effra, the lost London river that now.

Tom Holland on Twitter: Ghostly traces of the river that once flowed.

One of these London rivers was the Effra, which is now mostly subterranean. It started life as a tributary of the River Thames, and now runs. Report of an excursion to the River Effra, the Beulah Spa, and. Продолжительность: 2:15. Poems for sale: tracking the old path of the river effra at west. The new company drew tidal water from the River Effra which flowed into the River Thames into two reservoirs on about five acres of land situated in the. Read eBooks online World Heritage Encyclopedia River Effra. Heard the wonderful Down in the Effra by @RevAndrewRumsey? Beautiful!. The Infinite Three @theinfinitethree Instagram photos and videos. The River Effra is a converted river or former large stream in south London, England, mainly underground due to its history and the pressing need in the late.

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Photo by The Infinite Three in River Effra with @theshiningtongues. Photo by The Infinite Three on December 21, 2019. Image may contain: plant. Photo by The. River Effra Academic Kids. The River Effra was one of these vanishings. In its earlier existence above ground it could only ever have been a modest tributary of the Thames but through a. Lost Rivers of London Into the Laboratory. REPORT OF AN EXCURSION TO THE RIVER EFFRA. THE BEULAH SPA, AND THE GRANGE WOOD. MUSEUM, UPPER NORWOOD. FEBRUARY 17TH. Kennington Oval Layers of London Recording the Layers of. Semantic Scholar extracted view of Report of an excursion to the River Effra, the Beulah Spa, and the Grange Wood Museum, Upper Norwood: February 17th,.

Digging up the facts about Londons lost rivers, Jan 19 Inside.

In the end of Ori festival exploring West African spirituality, the river was paraded through Brixton. Maps of river Effra that runs underground on the site of parade. Flow of Effra – tuuli means wind. Archaeologists found six timber piles on the foreshore at Nine Elms which would have been part of a bridge to an island in the River Thames.

Full text of Surrey archaeological collections Internet Archive.

Despite living just over the lost river Effra, I can never sit still and always have to be somewhere different. On the TGV down to the Alps, vomiting over a Swiss. Descending into the lost River Effra, London Matador Network. The latest Tweets from River Effra @RiverEffra. Whats happening along the lost River Effra. The hidden river of Effra is beneath your feet london Reddit. Effra Road Chapels history begins with the history of Unitarianism, which is plots had belonged to the old Effra Farm, giving its name to the River Effra running. River Effra: South Londons Secret Spine The Portobello Bookshop. Note 5: Achetez Le dernier apprenti sorcier, Tome 2 Magie noire à Soho de Aaronovitch, Ben, Domis, Benoit: ISBN: 9782290040393 sur, des.

River Effra London Visitors.

Designed by Christine Thomas it tells the story of the hidden River Effra and the work of the women at the Lambeth Doulton factory in Vauxhall. History Photos. Effra, River Background Page Know Your London. Music Video. River Effra. Featured In. Album. One More Reason. SOOTHSAYERS & Red Earth Collective. Top Songs By SOOTHSAYERS. TRACK​. ARTIST. River Effra data. Effras namesake, the subterranean river Effra which flows into the Thames underneath MI6, inspired the theme of their second album Below Ground. The band.

River Effra Daniel Greenwood.

The art deco Brockwell Lido in south London, meanwhile, could harness the heat in the adjacent river Effra. Extracting just a tenth of its energy. The River Effra, digressions and a memorial bench. The stream that the London Borough of Lambeth can claim as its own is the River Effra. It actually rises just south of the borough boundary near. The Effra: still flowing under Herne Hill The Great Wen. Tag: River Effra. Beer of the Week – Brixton Effra Ale. by Jon Hatchman. By Jonathan Hatchman, Food Editor, @TLE Food Strength: 4.5% ABV Brewed: Brixton,. Where the lost River Effra meets the Thames. Review of Vauxhall. Lost London: Walking the River EffraPart 4: The Effra meets the ThamesThe Oval cricket ground opened in 1846 on the site of an oval market garden, whose. Effra definition of effra and synonyms of effra English Sensagent. One of Londons Lost Rivers, The River Effra from Celtic meaning Torrent flows from Crystal Palace via Norwood beneath the Cemetery to.

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