ⓘ Bayan Bologai Formation. The Bayan Bologai Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation in Mongolia. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recover ..


ⓘ Bayan Bologai Formation

The Bayan Bologai Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation in Mongolia. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation, although none have yet been referred to a specific genus.

  • 600. Bayan Bologai Formation Weishampel, et al. 2004 Pg. 565. Chilgog Formation Weishampel, et al. 2004 Pg. 568. Dohoin Usa Formation Weishampel

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Bayan Bologai Formation data.

20 KM SOUTHWEST OF DZUN BAYAN SOMON. TSAGAAN TEG LOCALITY. BAYN SHIRE FORMATION. CENOMANIAN MONGOLIA. BAIYING BOLOGAI. List of stratigraphic units with indeterminate dinosaur fossils. Cushion forming or creeping subshrubs, mostly with spiny rigid cauline leaves and almost of Chzhunvei town, June 30 15 km west of Bayan Khoto town, somewhat overgrown sand, July 5 93 Gatun Bologai, rolling uplands at 900 m, No. How To Pronounce Bayan Bologai Formation Pronouncekiwi‌‌. 山组Abongshan Formation. 拉组Adula Formation Bayan Hua Shan Formation. 组Baiyan Formation Baiyin Bologai Formation. 子组Baizitian Formation ban.

Chinese Index of Geological Formation Names.

Geological Formation Names of China 1866–2000 Baiyanding Formation 白顶组 Baiyang Formation 白组 1:200 000 Scale Geological Map: Bayan Obo Sheet Baiyinbaolage close to Bayan Baiyin Bologai Formation 拜包鲁格组. Plants of Central Asia Plant Collection from China and Mongolia. Definitions of BAYAN, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of BAYAN, analogical of Kubrat Bayan Baru Bayan Bologai Formation Bayan County Bayan Har. The Dinosauria by David B. Weishampel LibraryThing. Locality: Bulgut pegmatite, Bulgan District, Bayan Olgii Province, Mongolia ​Central Mongolia composition, mineral assemblages and formation conditions.

Baiying Bologai Formation.

How do you say Bayan Bologai Formation? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Bayan Bologai Formation on pronouncekiwi. The Baiying Bologai Formation, in other literature named Bayan Bologai Formation, is an Early Cretaceous geologic formation in the Omnogovi Province of.

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