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Betic corridor

The Betic Corridor, or North-Betic Strait, was a strait of water connecting t...


Danube fan

The Danube fan is a relict sedimentary feature in the northwestern part of th...


Messinian erosional crisis

The Messinian Erosional Crisis is a phase in the Messinian evolution of the c...


Messinian salinity crisis

The Messinian Salinity Crisis, also referred to as the Messinian Event, and i...


Mississippi embayment

The Mississippi Embayment is a physiographic feature in the south-central Uni...


Proglacial lakes of Minnesota

The proglacial lakes of Minnesota were lakes created in what is now the U.S. ...


Lake Souris

The Glacial Lake Souris occupied the basin of the Souris River from the most ...



A stratotype or type section is a geological term that names the physical loc...


Great Tehuelche Paleolake

The Paleolake Tehuelche is the name for several former lakes that existed in ...


ⓘ Paleogeography

  • Palaeogeography or paleogeography is the study of historical geography, generally physical landscapes. Palaeogeography can also include the study of
  • The paleogeography of the India Asia collision system is the reconstructed geological and geomorphological evolution within the collision zone of the Himalayan
  • Geological Survey. Blakey, Ron. Paleogeography and Geologic Evolution of North America Global Plate Tectonics and Paleogeography Northern Arizona University
  • Pankhurst is a British geologist who has contributed to the study of the paleogeography and plate tectonics of South America. He has been a member of the Chilean
  • Allamand is a Chilean geologist known for his contributions to the paleogeography and tectonics of Chile and Antarctica. Together with I. Fuenzalida
  • Palaeontology. 71: 61 78. Iturralde - Vinent, M. A. MacPhee, R. D. E. 1999 Paleogeography of the Caribbean region: implications for Cenozoic biogeography Bulletin
  • Neves born 1941 is a Brazilian geologist who has contributed to the paleogeography and plate tectonics of South America. Brito Neves is member of Sociedade
  • Canada: Resolution of early Paleozoic stratigraphy and implications for paleogeography Geological Society of America Bulletin. 124 11 12 1773. doi: 10
  • Baurioidea. Kamen - Kaye, M. 1978 Permian to Tertiary faunas and paleogeography Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, South Africa Journal
  • invertebrate paleontologist who was a leader in the development of paleogeography the study of the distribution of lands and seas in the geological past
  • including caviomorphs and monkeys Hedges, S. Blair 2006 - 08 - 23 Paleogeography of the Antilles and Origin of West Indian Terrestrial Vertebrates1
  • evolutionary history of the extinct ratite moa and New Zealand Neogene paleogeography Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 106 49 20646 20651
  • dates to the Early Cretaceous. It is important for the study of the paleogeography and paleoenvironments of the Wadhurst Clay Formation. The site is private
  • Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, 1997, pp. xlvi - 501 Moody, R. T. J., 1997: The paleogeography of marine and coastal turtles of the North Atlantic and Trans - Saharan
  • Devonian Frasnian paleogeography and paleoenvironments in northern Arizona. In: T. D. Fauch E. R. Magatham eds. Paleozoic paleogeography of west - central
  • America at the end of the last glacial period Charles Schuchert, 1909. Paleogeography of North America Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, Volume
  • Stewart, J.H. Stevens, C.H. eds. Pacific coast paleogeography symposium 1: Paleozoic paleogeography of the western United States. Rocky Mountain Section
  • dinosaur fauna of Asia and other continents and questions concerning paleogeography Transactions of the Joint Soviet Mongolia Paleontological Expedition
  • Carboniferous intra - arc sediments in the north Chilean Andes: stratigraphy, paleogeography and paleoclimate Facies. 26: 67 80. doi: 10.1007 BF02539794. Desojo
  • watercourse is one of the best places for studying stratigraphy and paleogeography of the early Silurian in Great Britain. Yewdale Beck auf SSSI List bei

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