ⓘ Rock Creek Member. The Fernie Formation is a stratigraphic unit of Jurassic age. It is present in the western part of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in we ..

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The Fernie Formation is a stratigraphic unit of Jurassic age. It is present in the western part of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin in western Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. It takes its name from the town of Fernie, British Columbia, and was first defined by W.W. Leach in 1914.


1. Depositional history

The Fernie Formation consists of marine sediments that were deposited in the Western Interior Seaway. Deposition took place throughout most of the Jurassic period, starting during the Hettangian stage in some parts of northeastern British Columbia and continuing until the mid-Tithonian, as determined from its fossil assemblages, including ammonites, molluscs and microfossils.

The sediments were sourced from the east during the deposition of the lower and middle units of the Fernie, where the coarser facies occur in the eastern part of the formation. In the uppermost Fernie, the coarsest material is found in the west, however, indicating a shift to sources in the west and south.


2. Lithology

The Fernie Formation is composed primarily of brown and dark gray to black shales that range from massive with conchoidal fracture to laminated and highly fractured or papery. Phosphatic sandstone and limestone, including cherty limestone, occur locally in the lower parts of the formation; siltstone, sandstone, coquinas and oolitic limestone interbeds can occur in the center; glauconitic sandstone and siltstone can be present in the upper parts.


3. Distribution

The Fernie Formation reaches a maximum thickness of 400 metres 1.310 ft near Mount Allan in Alberta, and typically is about 70 to 150m 230 to 492 ft thick. It thins toward the east, disappearing at about the longitude of Calgary. The formation is exposed in outcrops in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies in southwestern Alberta, and as far north as the Peace River Country in northeastern British Columbia.


4. Relationship to other units

The Fernie Formation is conformably overlain by the Morrissey Formation in the south, by the Nikanassin Formation in central Alberta and by the Monteith Formation in northeastern British Columbia. It rests disconformably on Triassic units in the west, and unconformably on upper Paleozoic units such as the Schooler Creek Group and the Montney Formation farther east.


The Fernie Formation has the following subdivisions from top to base:

  • peaks of the Lizard Range. Fernie gives the name to the Jurassic - Age Fernie Formation The Lizard Range is home to Fernie Alpine Resort, one of the largest
  • Monteith Formation is the basal formation of the Minnes Group. It was deposited conformably over the marine shales of the Fernie Formation and is conformably
  • interval between the Jurassic Fernie Formation and the Lower Cretaceous Blairmore Group. He subdivided it into three formations as shown below and designated
  • Interior Seaway, which is represented by the marine shales of the Fernie Formation The Nikanassin consists primarily of marine sandstones interbedded
  • disconformably overlain by the Rocky Mountain Formation in the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies and by the Fernie Formation in the foothills and by Cretaceous
  • unconformably overlain by the Fernie Formation shale. North of the Williston Lake it overlies the dolomite beds of the Charlie Lake Formation It is equivalent to
  • southeast of Fernie British Columbia, and is present in southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta. The Morrissey Formation is the basal
  • conformably over the marine shales of the Fernie Formation and was eroded prior to the deposition of the Cadomin Formation of the Bullhead Group which unconformably
  • Formation. Production also comes from the Viking Formation and sandstone beds of the Fernie Formation such as the Rock Creek Member. The first oil was
  • The Fernie Swastikas were a women s hockey team that was formed in 1922 in Fernie British Columbia. Their uniform used as a symbol the swastika, which

  • disconformably overlain by the Jurassic Fernie Formation and conformably underlain by the Sulphur Mountain Formation It is correlative with the Charlie Lake
  • Columbia Department of Mines, Bulletin 24, 27 p. Stott, D.F. 1998. Fernie Formation and Minnes Group Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous northern Rocky
  • apparent at most outcrops. It rests unconformably on the Fernie Formation the Nikanassin Formation the Minnes Group or the Kootenay Group, depending on
  • to the shales of the Fernie Group, and eastwards to the shale, sandstones and limestones of the Vanguard and Shaunavon Formations Geology portal Lexicon
  • Columbia Department of Mines, Bulletin 24, 27 p. Stott, D.F. 1998. Fernie Formation and Minnes Group Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous northern Rocky
  • overlain by the Fernie shale, or by the Bullhead or Fort St. John Group. It conformably overlies the Toad Formation or the Doig Formation The Schooler
  • outcrops near the now - abandoned Elk River coal mine east of Fernie British Columbia. The Elk Formation is a sequence of interbedded sandstone, siltstone, mudstone
  • Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 81 - 1B, p. 1 - 9. Stott, D.F. 1998. Fernie Formation and Minnes Group Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous northern Rocky
  • Fernie Formation Outcrops of the Sulphur Mountain Formation provide an analog for studying the Montney Formation a laterally equivalent formation that
  • Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 81 - 1B, p. 1 - 9. Stott, D.F. 1998. Fernie Formation and Minnes Group Jurassic and lowermost Cretaceous northern Rocky

  • by pre - Bullhead erosion. It rests unconformably on the Fernie Formation the Nikanassin Formation the Minnes Group or the Kootenay Group, depending on
  • further down the Elk Valley in Fernie The mountain is an upside down mountain, where the oldest part of the rock formation is near the top and the youngest
  • to Peace River. Montney Formation is unconformably overlain by Jurassic or Cretaceous beds such as the Doig Formation or Fernie Group and unconformably
  • The Lynx Formation or Lynx Group is a stratigraphic unit of Late Cambrian Dresbachian age in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. It is present in
  • The Stephen Formation is a geologic formation exposed in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia and Alberta, on the western edge of the Western Canada
  • coking coal. Mist Mountain coal was formerly mined in British Columbia near Fernie Hosmer, and Corbin at several locations in the Crowsnest Pass area of
  • The Bearpaw Formation also called the Bearpaw Shale, is a geologic formation of Late Cretaceous Campanian age. It outcrops in the U.S. state of Montana
  • The Redknife Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Devonian age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It takes the name from Redknife River, a tributary
  • The Paskapoo Formation is a stratigraphic unit of Middle to Late Paleocene age in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. The Paskapoo underlies much of
  • The Cathedral Formation is a stratigraphic unit in the southern Canadian Rockies of Alberta and British Columbia, on the western edge of the Western Canada

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