for civil trials Although administrative hearings are not ordinarily considered trials they retain many elements found in more formal trial settings
trials Majdanek trials the longest Nazi war crimes trial in history, spanning over 30 years Mauthausen - Gusen camp trials Hamburg Ravensbruck trials Sobibor
The Moscow Trials were a series of show trials held in the Soviet Union at the instigation of Joseph Stalin between 1936 and 1938 against Trotskyists
Motorcycle trials also known as observed trials is a non - speed event on specialized motorcycles. The sport is most popular in the United Kingdom and
Treblinka trials concerning the Treblinka extermination camp personnel began in 1964. Held at Dusseldorf in West Germany, they were the two judicial trials in
clinical trials become approved drugs. Some clinical trials involve healthy subjects with no pre - existing medical conditions. Other clinical trials pertain
Mountain bike trials also known as observed trials is a discipline of mountain biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course
April 1945. The Dachau trials were held at Dachau Concentration Camp due to the camp having the facilities to hold the trials and also because many of
The Hamburg Ravensbruck trials were a series of seven trials for war crimes against camp officials from the Ravensbruck concentration camp that the British
and the Soviet Ukraine. Show trials were common during Joseph Stalin s political repressions, such as the Moscow Trials of the Great Purge period 1937 38

The Indian National Army trials INA trials which are also called the Red Fort trials were the British Indian trial by courts - martial of a number of
phenomenon of witch trials in the early modern period, which took place also in Europe. Many historians consider the lasting effects of the trials to have been
Successful sea trials subsequently lead to a vessel s certification for commissioning and acceptance by its owner. Although sea trials are commonly thought
teams were selected based on regional trials though the Eastern trials were favored. There were no Olympic Trials in 1916 due to World War I, nor 1940
Auschwitz trials known in German as der Auschwitz - Prozess, or der zweite Auschwitz - Prozess, the second Auschwitz trial was a series of trials running
makes routine use of jury trials in a wide variety of non - criminal cases. Other common law legal jurisdictions use jury trials only in a very select class
A mock trial is an act or imitation trial It is similar to a moot court, but mock trials simulate lower - court trials while moot court simulates appellate
apart Dachau Trials held within the walls of the former Dachau concentration camp, 1945 1948 Majdanek Trials the longest Nazi war crimes trial in history
Trials is a platform racing video game series developed by RedLynx, loosely based on the real - life sport of motorcycle trials It involves a motorcycle
Mauthausen - Gusen camp trials Nuremberg trials of the 23 most important leaders of the Third Reich, 1945 1946 Ravensbruck Trial Treblinka trials in Dusseldorf
trains these became the Rainhill Trials A prize of 500 equal to 44324 today was offered to the winner of the trials Three notable engineers were selected

The Chelmno trials were a series of consecutive war - crime trials of the Chelmno extermination camp personnel, held in Poland and in Germany following World
The case of the Majdanek death camp The Majdanek trials were a series of consecutive war - crime trials held in Poland and in Germany during and after World
been trained to work stock. The first dog trials were held in Wanaka, New Zealand, in 1867 with reports of trials at Wanaka, Waitangi and Te Aka in 1868
The next three trials took place at the same court in 8 31 October 1947, 5 10 November, and in 19 29 November of that year. The fifth trial was held before
The Bury St Edmunds witch trials were a series of trials conducted intermittently between the years 1599 and 1694 in the town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk
the world championships in trials were held alongside other mountain - biking disciplines as the UCI Mountain Bike Trials World Championships. Beginning
Sabina. If she wins the trials she will earn the power of Shazam instead. Freddy and Sabina compete equally in many of the trials eventually becoming equal
dogs and flushing dogs. Field trials are usually organized by kennel clubs or other gun dog organizations. Field trials are generally considered more
Northern Moravian witch trials also known as Boblig witch trials was a series of witch trials which occurred in the Jesenik and Sumperk area in present - day