ⓘ Hogsmill River. The Hogsmill River in Surrey and Greater London, England is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. It rises in Ewell and flows into the Tha ..

Hogsmill River

ⓘ Hogsmill River

The Hogsmill River in Surrey and Greater London, England is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. It rises in Ewell and flows into the Thames at Kingston upon Thames on the reach above Kingston road bridge. The river is 6 miles in length and has a catchment area of 73 km². The river flows through low-lying land, most of it sports grounds and green space, with the exception of Kingston town centre. It is a habitat for many animals, fish and insects.

The 12th-century Clattern Bridge, one of the oldest road bridges in England, crosses the river in the centre of Kingston. The Coronation Stone, now sited close to the river in Kingston, is believed to have been used for the coronation of Saxon kings in the 10th century. It was used as a horse mounting block until 1850 when it was mounted on a plinth in the town centre.

The river has five tributaries: Green Lanes Stream, Ewell Court Stream, Horton Stream, Bonesgate Stream and Tolworth Brook, as well as Hogsmill Stream, the main spring of the river just outside Bourne Hall Park in Ewell.


1.1. Course Epsom and Ewell

The source of the Hogsmill River is a chalk spring near grid reference TQ219627 just outside Bourne Hall Park in Ewell, Surrey. It flows in a northerly direction between Kingston Road and the sports field beside the railway track. The river passes the Lower and Upper Mills, where gunpowder was produced in the 18th and 19th century as it gently bends to the left before flowing under the Mole Valley line between Ewell West and Stoneleigh railway station at the start of the Hogsmill Open Space which follows the river until the borough boundary with Kingston.

The river continues its course in green space between the residential areas of Ewell Court and West Ewell and confluences with the Green Lanes Stream. After a short distance of green space, the river runs as a boundary between Poole Road Recreation Ground and Ewell Court Park and flows behind Ewell Athletics Track. It reaches another confluence, this one being the Ewell Court Stream, flowing in just downstream from Ewell Court Lake as it continues into West Ewell.

The river runs further through the open space and passes near to West Ewell Infants School and Ruxley Church before flowing under Ruxley Farm Bridge, the site of the former Ruxley Splash. It passes Riverview Primary School in the residential area of the Ruxley Ward before the confluence with the Bonesgate Stream, which runs as the border between the boroughs of Epsom and Ewell and Kingston. After the confluence, the Hogsmill bends to the right near Riverview Road and continues as the boundary past Tolworth Court Bridge with the A240 Kingston Road the junction with the B284 Worcester Park Road.


1.2. Course Kingston

It runs beside Worcester Park Road and Old Malden Lane both the B284 along the edge of a few sports grounds and under the entrance to a go-carting track. The river leaves the border as it turns left into the outskirts of Old Malden in an area of woodland and green space. It crosses the Chessington branch line a short distance away from Malden Manor railway station. The Hogsmill is now flowing in a NNW direction as it crosses the A3 between Tolworth and Malden junctions.

The river acts as a boundary between the suburbs of New Malden and Berrylands, beside sport and recreation grounds near Elmbridge Avenue, where it is joined by Tolworth Brook, after which it passes under the South Western main railway line near Berrylands railway station. The Hogsmill leaves the green space area at the railway line and passes Kingsmeadow, Kingston Cemetery and the Sewage Works in the eastern outskirts of Kingston upon Thames. It crosses under Villiers Road before heading past a campus of Kingston University before crossing Springfield Road beside Denmark Road and Grange Road. It also runs under the bridge for the A307 Wheatfield Way near College Roundabout beside Kingston College. The river then runs under St. Jamess Road by the Magistrates Court and the Guildhall before flowing under Kingston High Street and Wadbrook Street. The Hogsmill River meets the Thames beside a restaurant and shopping area beside the Thames Path footbridge at grid reference TQ177691, just upstream of Kingston Bridge.


2.1. Tributaries Hogsmill Stream

Hogsmill Stream is the shortest out of the five main streams of the Hogsmill, running for 0.3 miles 0.5 km. It rises at the spring in Ewell and runs to the confluence with the Green Lanes stream between West Ewell and Ewell Court in the Hogsmill Open Space.

The source of the stream at Bourne Hall, Ewell Village is considered the main source of the Hogsmill River. However, other tributaries of the river such as the Tolworth Brook and Bonesgate streams run for much longer distances.


2.2. Tributaries Green Lanes Stream

The Green Lanes Stream is 2.1 miles 3.4 km long and starts as a run-off from Stamford Green Pond on the eastern edge of Epsom Common. Other smaller streams from the common join the main stream a few meters from the pond as it goes underground. It runs near Manor Green Road and is above the ground at times, for example by the bridges under Christ Church Mount a crescent road off Manor Green Road. Shortly afterwards, it flows underground again and this is where it runs under Epsom Primary School on Hook Road at the junction with Longmead Road. This is where the stream comes above the ground.

It runs parallel with Longmead Road where it runs near to Longmead Industrial Estate and Blenheim High School until the road meets the B2200 Chessington Road and the stream runs under it. This is where it flows between the two roads named Green Lanes the river is named after the roads. It runs into the Hogsmill Open Space before meeting the confluence with Hogsmill Stream.


2.3. Tributaries Ewell Court Stream

Ewell Court Stream is 1.7 miles 2.7 km long and starts near a pond on the edge of Nonsuch Park by the A24 London Road in Stoneleigh. After running under the A24, it continues under Briarwood Road. It is visible again briefly in an alley near Stoneleigh railway station. The stream bends left under Stoneleigh Park Road and runs under Walsingham Gardens and the A240 Kingston Road where it enters Ewell Court. After running after Preston Drive, it enters Ewell Court Park and comes above ground before running through Ewell Court Lake.

As it continues through the park towards the meeting point with the Hogsmill it passes the Packhorse Bridge, which was named after the mules that regularly transported gunpowder from the mills, across the river and into brick magazine. At its height in the mid-19th century, the Gunpowder Mill Complex by the bridge employed 156 men. Gunpowder from Ewell is said to have been used in the American Civil War.


2.4. Tributaries Bonesgate Stream

The Bonesgate Stream is the principal stream of the Hogsmill River. It is 3 miles 5 km in length and rises in Malden Rushett near the crossroads of the A243 and B280. It flows in a NE direction through farmlands before flowing just east of Chessington. After crossing under Filby Road, it heads past The Bonesgate, a pub in Moor Lane on the eastern edge of Chessington. The bridge over the stream is where Moor Lane and Chessington Road meet. The river then heads through open space, flowing under a bridge near Cox Lane Community Centre. The river goes past the edge of the Cox Lane Estate shortly before joining the Hogsmill by Tolworth Court Bridge under the A240 Kingston Road. From the Bonesgate Pub to Tolworth Court Bridge, the river serves as a boundary between West Ewell Surrey and Chessington Greater London.


2.5. Tributaries Horton Stream

The source of Horton Stream is in the centre of Horton Country Park, Epsom. It is 3.3 miles 5.3 km long and its source is near West Park Hospital beside Horton Lane, Epsom. The stream carries on parallel with Horton Lane as it passes near to West Park Farm and Horton Park Farm. After travelling through Horton Country Park, it heads through Horton Golf Course before crossing Chessington Road, West Ewell. It runs alongside Chessington Close before running through the playing fields of Epsom and Ewell High School. It continues behind Scotts Farm Road before the confluence with the Hogsmill near Ruxley Lane after running under Scotts Farm Road.


2.6. Tributaries Tolworth Brook

At 3.75 miles 6 km, Tolworth Brook AKA Surbiton Stream is the longest stream of the Hogsmill River. Its source is on the edge of Claygate from springs at the Grapesome wood on the west side of the A3, It then crosses under the A3 and goes past Lovelace Primary School. It then flows north under Clayton Road between the withy bed and Oaklands Close. The brook then flows thru the Kingston Rugby Football Club playing fields and crosses the A309 Esher bypass going north between the Allotments and Kelvin Grove. On the north side of the A309 it passes to the west of Gladstone road and Brook road thru the playing fields and is then underground from the rear of 1 Herne Road till it reappears in a culvert on the east of Hook Road at the junction with Vale Road North. The brook remains culverted and goes north under Waterside Close and Thornhill Road, and turning east under Cotterill Road. It then runs north at the rear of the gardens between Cotterill Road and Ellerton road till it once again flows underground where Ellerton Road meets Ditton Road. The Brook reappears to the north of the Oak Public House on the east side of Ewell Road. It follows the rear of Beaconsfield Road and then goes under King Charles road to reappear in Alexandrea Recreation Ground, and then flows north-east going thru Edith Gardens Nature Reserve, east under Raeburn Avenue and then north under Meldone Close. The Brook then becomes the central feature of Berrylands Nature Reserve, flowing north thru it under Stirling Walk and then finally passing east under Elmbridge Avenue before it meets the Hogsmill.


3. Flooding

In January 2014, the Hogsmill river burst its banks on the edge of Bourne Hall in Ewell Village. A separate area of water near the B2200 London Road, at a higher level than in the main pond, was overloaded with water after a prolonged period of intense rain see Winter Storms of 2013–14 in the United Kingdom. This caused water to spill out into the nearby road and also flood basements in the centre of Ewell. On the nearby Kingston Road just downstream from Bourne Hall, an area of path was flooded where an excessive volume of water also spilled over its banks.


4. Art

The Hogsmill has appeared in the art of John Millais in his rendition of Ophelia, and of William Holman Hunt who painted The Hireling Shepherd on the meadows by the Hogsmill, looking north towards Ewell Court Farm. The doorway to the soul in Hunts The Light of the World is believed to be part of a gunpowder mill on the Hogsmill at Ewell.


5. Industry

The Hogsmill is known for watermills, reputed to have produced gunpowder for the Napoleonic and American Civil Wars. Additionally the waters were used to generate electricity for Ewell Court House.


6. Local legend

William the Conqueror is said to have "watered his horse" in the source waters near todays Spring Hotel. Custom states this to be the pool at grid reference TQ218628.

  • Hogsmill River Park or Hogsmill Valley is a linear park along the banks of the Hogsmill River in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in London.
  • and managed by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council. This site along the Hogsmill River and its banks has woodland, scrub and open grassy rides. Bird species
  • in London. It is a linear open space along the western bank of the Hogsmill River which starts at Malden Way and ends at a path between Surbiton Hill
  • Kingston upon Thames is located along a stretch of the River Thames where the Hogsmill River joins the former at the town of Kingston. The Borough contains
  • linear park along the Hogsmill River between the Kingston Bypass opposite Elmbridge Avenue and the junction between the Hogsmill and a footpath to Manor
  • located south of the Waterloo to Surbiton railway line, west of the Hogsmill River and north of Elmbridge Open Space. There is access at the junction of
  • railway station. The path follows as closely as possible the banks of the Hogsmill River through the urban fringes of Kingston passing Berrylands railway station
  • Epsom and Ewell in Surrey. It is a tributary of the Hogsmill River which is a tributary of the River Thames. One arm rises in Horton Country Park, the
  • The Clattern Bridge is a bridge over the Hogsmill River in Kingston upon Thames. It was built around 1175 and is thus one of the oldest intact bridges

  • mid 18th century the house was the home of Captain Cook. In 1852 the Hogsmill River was the setting for the background of Ophelia painted by John Everett
  • forms part of the catchment of Beverley Brook and, to the south, the Hogsmill River Sudbrook is joined by the Latchmere stream just beyond Ham Gate Pond
  • spring, with an adjoining pond, at the head of the Hogsmill river a small tributary of the River Thames. A majority 73 of the population of Ewell
  • station is a three - span, 140 ft 42m viaduct over the Hogsmill River a tributary of the River Thames. Both platforms were extended to take ten - coach
  • lake also silted up during this period following improvements to the Hogsmill river The ruins of a splendid ornamental lake with a multi - arched bridge
  • over the Hogsmill stream. The A240 then enters the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in Greater London as it goes over the Hogsmill River a tributary
  • Thames in England. It is situated in the High Street, adjacent to the Hogsmill River It is a Grade II listed building. The current building, which was designed
  • quintessentially English. Ophelia was painted along the banks of the Hogsmill River in Surrey, near Tolworth, Greater London. Barbara Webb, a resident of
  • area is drained by the Hogsmill River most of which is in outer London. Inland Waterways Association South - East Region The River Wey and Godalming Navigation:
  • Tolworth Brook also known as the Surbiton Stream a tributary of the Hogsmill River which is the life blood of the nature reserve. It has areas of mown
  • had a population of 18, 973. The Bonesgate Stream, a tributary of the Hogsmill River runs through it. The popular theme park resort Chessington World of
  • North Surrey Joint Sewage Board. The Hogsmill and Malden railways were connected via two bridges over the River Hogsmill Another Hunslet locomotive was supplied
  • Court Farm Woodland Environmental. Retrieved 24 January 2016. Hogsmill Watersedge River Development: Draft Feasibility Report Halcrow Group Ltd. April
  • The map for Hogsmill River Park wrongly shows a small closed wood called Hogsmill Wood. The two maps in this table for Hogsmill River Park are those
  • drains into a large stream which springs above the surface in Ewell, the Hogsmill River which drains into the Thames at Kingston. The borough comprises: Ewell
  • was named in a similar way to Surbiton on the opposite side of the Hogsmill River The origin of the place - name is from the Old English words north, bere
  • main line, where it crosses both Norbiton Common and the Hogsmill River a tributary of the River Thames. It was opened on 16 October 1933 to serve large
  • cuttings and several bridges. A 140 - foot 43 m viaduct crosses the Hogsmill River near Malden Manor. Demand and population in the area increased after
  • and downstream of the mouth of the Hogsmill River a minor tributary of the Thames. The Thames Path crosses the river here and the bridge is the end point
  • Everett Millais, who was painting Ophelia at the same time near the Hogsmill River near Ewell, Surrey. Both paintings depict English rural scenes, the
  • 2019 Malden Manor mosaic created by volunteers brings art back to Hogsmill River SWLondoner Banerjee, Jacqueline 2010 Coronation Clock Tower, Surbiton

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River levels are lowering, which in summer can mean that so are levels of dissolved oxygen. A few dead fish were found last week 5.7.17. Socially Distanced Walk Hogsmill River Walk Meetup. Ophelia at the Hogsmill River. 9 miles, round trip. Start at Berrylands Station. Berrylands is also easily reached by bike from Kingston along Lower Marsh Lane​.

Polly Bryant The Hogsmill Partnership by Kingston Green Radio.

The project aims to bring water voles back to the Hogsmill River, and anyone can Get In Vole ed! water vole. Hannah explained that water voles. Easter at the Hogsmill River – Malden Manor Community Group. A walk with little going for it really. The Hogsmill River is lovely but there are far better sections of the LOOP to explore. Rambling with Kirk 2017: Hogsmill river to the source! The Break. Hogsmill River. 76 likes 3 talking about this 814 were here. The Hogsmill River in Surrey, England, is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. It.

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Its decades since I last wandered along the Hogsmill River in Ewell, but what a fabulously crisp and sunny day to choose to visit!. Thames Down Link United Kingdom Fastest Known Time. A non native invasive species that spreads along river banks and can cause erosion problems, during a clean up on the Hogsmill River,. Emanuel Hogsmill The Follypedia Fandom. Appendix 9: River Biodiversity. Opportunity Area Policy Statements. R01: Hogsmill River. R02: Eden & tributaries. R03: Blackwater River. R04: River Wey​. London Rivers Week: Hogsmill River restoration LinkedIn. FREE Walks and Workshops for 2018 with Alison Fure and Lucy Furlong Walk the Hogsmill River and explore the green fields of Tolworth.

File:Hogsmill River in Elmbridge media Commons.

The Hogsmill River in Surrey is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. The Hogsmills source is a chalk spring in Ewell in Surrey. It flows in a northerly. File:Hogsmill media Commons. Hogsmill River News: Latest and Breaking News on Hogsmill River. Explore Hogsmill River profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of. Millais and the Hogsmill River by Barbara C.L. Webb Goodreads. Apr 26, 2017 Posts about Hogsmill River written by landscapeiskingston. Hogsmill River – Landscape Interface Studio. Spread of Alien Plant, Animal Species Predicted to Rise Globally by. The Hogsmill river is a Surrey tributary of the Thames with constantly alkaline waters maintaining a good flow throughout the year, neither freezing nor drying up.

Water Voles – Project – Citizen Zoo.

Posts about Hogsmill River written by Fergy. Microplastics in the Hogsmill River Navigating Needham. We set off from school for our LOC lesson and met Verity, from the South East Rivers Trust at the Blue Bridge in Kingston. First we talked about.

Hogsmill River – Fergys Rambles.

The view along Hogsmill River from Riverside Walk, overlooking the Waterfowl Conservation Area, in Kingston upon Thames, London, England. Следующая Войти. Petition update Unilevers proposed Hogsmill River complex. Hogsmill River: Photos, maps, personal memories and local books of Hogsmill River. What Millais went through in order to paint Ophelia art Phaidon. The Hogsmill River in Surrey and Greater London, England is a small tributary of the River Thames. It rises in Ewell and flows into the Thames at Kingston upon. Discussion. the design and construction of the hogsmill valley. Hogsmill River Park or Hogsmill Valley is a linear park along the banks of the between the river and a footpath to Manor Close in Old Malden in the south.

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Will you join us for a walk along another of London lesser known rivers? This time we will venture along the Hogsmill River in South West London. The Hogsmill. Birchgrove Retirement Apartments Assisted Living in Ewell Village. Millais and the Hogsmill River book. Read reviews from worlds largest community for readers. The famous picture of Ophelia painted by Sir John Millais​. 4 berrylands to nonsuch park. For our mini research project, myself and Oliwia, a fellow Geographer, aim to analyse water quality and microplastics in the Hogsmill River. Last friday, we took a.

Some water moulds of the Hogsmill river collected from 1937 to.

The source of the Hogsmill River is a chalk spring. The River Bourne at Winterbourne Gunner, a typical chalk stream. Commercial watercress production near. Dont Packraft The River Hogsmill Longshore. Learn about and visualise the protected area Hogsmill River Park Local Nature Reserve, situated in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Hogsmill River: Latest News, Videos and Photos of Hogsmill River.

Опубликовано: 14 июн. 2019 г. Hogsmill River data. Jean Vidler talks to Polly Bryant of the South East Rivers Trust about the fascinating Hogsmill River, Its history, biodiversity and its future. Report river pollution. Hogsmill River and Horton Country Park Walk Chessington North. The background was painted from life on the bank of the Hogsmill River in Surrey and the model was Elizabeth Siddall who posed for the. Tolworth Treasure & The Hogsmill Hum – LucyFurLeaps. Could the river board give complete details of flow in the Hogsmill River or the River Thames at the time the overflow took place? Had the Thames Conservancy​.

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Hogsmill River Park or Hogsmill Valley is a linear park along the banks of the Hogsmill River in. GC8MFGX Big Balsam Bash at the Hogsmill Cache In Trash Out. Planning a trip to London? Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Find great things to do. Photo taken at Hogsmill River by Ro L. on 4 10 2012. Finishing South Londons Outer Orbital Path Oaks Park to Kingston. Because of its urban route, a plethora of modifications has hindered fish passage on the Hogs Mill, from the Thames into its headwaters. South East Rivers Trust. Hogsmill River Photograph by Tony Murtagh Pixels. Hogsmill River, Kingston, ft. Heron! Hogsmill fact: Clattern Bridge in the background is Londons oldest surviving bridge, built in 1293 ✨.

Hogsmill River Londons Lost Rivers Book and Walking Tours by.

Emanuel Hogsmill is the Genius loci of Hogsmill River. He is the son of Father Thames. According. Local Conservation Project: Water Voles Sutton High School. Summary The Hogsmill river is a Surrey tributary of the Thames with constantly alkaline waters maintaining a good flow throughout the year, neither freezing nor​. Hogsmill River High Resolution Stock Photography and Images. The famous Millais painting Ophelia depicting the Hogsmill river was fantastic animals perched on the banks of our rivers for the first time. Hogsmill River Park London Fandom. Find the perfect hogsmill river stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100​ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy.

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How do you say Hogsmill River? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Hogsmill River on pronouncekiwi. Hogsmill River Field Recorder Day Field Studies Council. Following the discovery of instability in an embankment on the Hogsmill River in Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, a solution to control further.

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