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Street railways in Canada


Trams in China

Several cities in China had tram systems during the 20th century; however, by the end of the century, only Dalian, Hong Kong and Changchun remained extant. However the 21st century has seen a resurgence in tram transport systems as China attempts ...


Trams in Germany

Germany has an extensive number of tramway networks. Some of these networks have been upgraded to light rail standards, called Stadtbahn in German. StraSenbahn and Stadtbahn schemes are usually operated on the legal foundation of the BOStrab, the ...



A Stadtbahn is a type of rail transport. One type of transport originated in the 19th century, firstly in Berlin and followed by Vienna, where rail routes were created that could be used independently from other traffic. Again in the 1960s and 19 ...


Bonn StraSenbahn stations


Images of tram transport in the Republic of Ireland


Trams in New Zealand

Trams in New Zealand were a major form of transport from the 19th century into the mid-20th century. New Zealands first tramway was established in 1862, followed by a steam tramway in 1871, and the first electric tramway in 1900. The tram systems ...


Ploiești Tramway

Ploiești Tramway is a light rail tram system serving Ploiești, Romania. It began operation in 1987, the first tram system in Ploiesti. It is owned by TCE Ploiești. The system is 100% modernised.


Soviet tram vehicles


Aberdeen District Tramways

The Aberdeen District Tramways services started on 31 August 1874. The company fleet grew to around 40 tramcars. Initial vehicles were obtained from the Starbuck Car and Wagon Company but from 1883 the company turned to a local manufacturer, R & ...


Aberdeen Suburban Tramways

The Aberdeen Suburban Tramways operated two separate tramway services in Aberdeen, which were essentially extensions from the terminus of Aberdeen Corporation Tramways routes. The first was from the Great Western Road terminus to Bieldside church ...


Airdrie and Coatbridge Tramways

Airdrie and Coatbridge Tramways operated a tramway service in Airdrie and Coatbridge between 1904 and 1922 when it was taken over by Glasgow Corporation Tramways.


Ayr Corporation Tramways

Ayr Corporation Tramways opened for public service on 26 September 1901. The depot was located in Alderston Avenue, Ayr grid reference NS 34410 23498. The line ran from Alloway to Prestwick. In 1928 two tramcars were obtained from the Dumbarton B ...


Carstairs House Tramway

The tramway was built by Joseph Monteith who owned Carstairs House. The construction engineers were Anderson and Munro, Electrical Engineers, 136 Bothwell Street, Glasgow. Its purpose was to provide transport for his family and guests to and from ...


Dundee, Broughty Ferry and District Tramways

The Dundee, Broughty Ferry and District Tramways Order Confirmation Act of 1904 have the company the authority to construct the tramway, and the company was registered in 1905. Services started on 27 December 1905. The depot and power station was ...


Dunfermline and District Tramways

The Dunfermline and District Tramways Company was a subsidiary of the Fife Electric Power Company, itself a subsidiary of Balfour Beatty. The company started services on 2 November 1909 on a route that ran from Dunfermline via Cowdenbeath and Loc ...


Falkirk and District Tramways

The company started services on 21 October 1905. The company obtained most its initial tramcars from the Compagnie Generale de Construction of St Denis, France. Three others were obtained from Brush.


Glasgow and Ibrox Tramway

The Glasgow and Ibrox Tramway Company built this line from Ibrox to the Paisley Toll Road on the Govan boundary with Glasgow where it connected with the Vale of Clyde Tramways.


Glasgow Tramway and Omnibus Company

The Glasgow Tramway and Omnibus Company operated a horse-drawn tramway service in Glasgow between 1872 and 1894. The tram system was then taken into municipal ownership, becoming Glasgow Corporation Tramways.


Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramways

Services started on 28 February 1903. From 25 August 1906 through services were operated by the Wemyss and District Tramways Company on their route to Leven, Fife. The power station was commissioned by the local authority and located in Victoria ...


Paisley District Tramways Company

Paisley District Tramways Company took over the Paisley Tramways Company on 17 September 1903 and undertook a programme of modernisation and electrification. The first electric tramway services started on 13 June 1904. There were depots at: Main ...


Paisley Tramways Company

The Paisley Tramways Order of 1885 authorised construction of this tramway in Paisley, and the Paisley Tramways Company started a horse-drawn tramway service on 30 December 1885.


Wemyss and District Tramways Company

The Wemyss Tramway Order of 1905 authorised the construction of this tramway. It was financed by the Wemyss Coal Company, owned by Randolph Wemyss. Services started on 25 August 1906, and it had running powers to the Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramway ...


Tram transport in Istanbul



Brilliner was a tram designed by the J. G. Brill Company. The tram was designed by a competitor to the successful PCC cars, but the design ended up being a failure for the company, with only several trams built. The tram utilized a clean, streaml ...


Evansville and Eastern Electric Railway

The Evansville & Eastern Electric Railway was put into operation on 10 June 1906 was one of the very few electric lines in the United States which did not parallel a steam railroad.


Streetcars in the United States by state


Streetcars in Washington, D.C.


Tram vehicles of Europe by country


Bombardier Flexity

Bombardier Flexity is a family of modern trams/streetcars and light-rail vehicles manufactured by Bombardier Transportation. As of 2015, more than 3.500 Flexity vehicles are in operation around the world in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North Americ ...


Flexity Outlook Eurotram


Station Brandenburg (Tram de Bordeaux)


Urban public transport navigational boxes


Biela Valley Trolleybus

The Biela Valley Trolleybus was a trolleybus service in the German state of Saxony. The facility opened on 10 July 1901 and had closed again by September 1904. It was one of the first trolleybus operations in the world. The 4.4-kilometre route wa ...


Unterburg trolleybus turntable

The Unterburg trolleybus turntable is a disused turntable for trolleybuses in the Solingen district Burg an der Wupper. The facility was regularly used by trolleybus line 683, operated by the Stadtwerke Solingen, until 15 November 2009. This turn ...


Cantono Frigerio system

The Cantono Frigerio system was an Italian electric power supply for trackless trolleybuses with two wires about 20 inches apart being contacted by a four-wheeled collector on a single trolley pole. In English publications it was often described ...


Templates for trolleybus systems in Switzerland


Aberdare Urban District Council Tramways

Aberdare Urban District Council Tramways operated a tramway service in Aberdare between 1913 and 1935. It was the only system in the United Kingdom which consisted of a tramway with feeder services run by trolleybuses from the start. The trolleyb ...


Christchurch trolleybus turntable

The Christchurch trolleybus turntable formed part of the Bournemouth trolleybus system, which served the town of Bournemouth and its environs, on the south coast of England. It is still in existence, and is now a Grade II listed building.


Llanelly and District Electric Tramways

Llanelly and District Electric Tramways operated a standard gauge tramway service in Llanelli, Wales, between 1908 and 1933. It was the successor to a 3 ft gauge horse tramway, which ran from 1882 until 1908. A complex series of negotiations took ...


Longwood trolleybus turntable

The Longwood trolleybus turntable formed part of the Huddersfield trolleybus system, which served the market town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, England.


Pontypridd Urban District Council Tramways

Pontypridd Urban District Council Tramways operated a tramway service in Pontypridd between 1904 and 1931. Part of it used the route of the Pontypridd and Rhondda Valley Tramway Companys horse tramway. Between 1919 and 1927, it was the only syste ...


Rhondda Tramways Company

Rhondda holds the distinction of operating the shortest-lived trolleybus system in Britain. The neighbouring Llantrisant and Llantwit Fardre Rural District Council had obtained an Act of Parliament in 1912 to authorise a light railway to link Ton ...


Lanskaya electric substation

The Lansky substation was the first electrical substation constructed on the Finlyandsky Rail direct of Saint Peterburg, Russia. It is located within Lanskaya station. In the early 1950s the electric substation was built behind the station. The p ...


3200-series (CTA)

The 3200-series is a series of L cars built between 1992 and 1994 by Morrison-Knudsen of Hornell, New York, with body shells built by Brazilian subcontractor Mafersa. A total of 257 cars were built, of which 253 remain in service. The 3200-series ...


Muni Metro templates


San Francisco Municipal Railway streetcar stations


Market and 1st Street / Market and Battery stations

Market and 1st Street and Market and Battery stations are a pair of light rail stations in San Francisco, California, United States, serving the San Francisco Municipal Railway F Market & Wharves heritage railway line. They are located on Market ...


Market and 3rd Street / Market and Kearny stations

Market and 3rd Street and Market and Kearny are a pair of one-way light rail stations in San Francisco, California, United States, serving the San Francisco Municipal Railway F Market & Wharves heritage railway line. They are located on Market St ...


Market and 6th Street / Market and Taylor stations

Market and 6th Street and Market and Taylor are a pair of one-way light rail stations in San Francisco, California, United States, serving the San Francisco Municipal Railway F Market & Wharves heritage railway line. They are located on Market St ...

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