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Skyscrapers in Troy, Michigan


Skyscrapers in Tucson, Arizona


Skyscrapers in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Skyscrapers in Wilmington, Delaware


Skyscrapers in Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Skyscrapers in Worcester, Massachusetts



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Shenyang International Finance Center

The Shenyang International Finance Center is a late-modernist supertall skyscraper proposed for construction in Shenyang, China. The office tower is set to rise 427 metres and contain 89 floors, plus three basement levels. Construction of the 570 ...


Dalmatia Tower

Dalmatia Tower is a high-rise office building and a hotel under construction in Split, Croatia. It is located on the intersection of the Domovinskog rata street and the Dubrovacka street and it will be the tallest building in Croatia.


Tours de Levallois

Tours de Levallois are two office skyscrapers which have been approved to be built in Levallois-Perret, in the inner suburbs of Paris, France. The towers, which are planned to be delivered by 2009, will be 165 meter tall. They will be located abo ...


Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall, in Dublin, Ireland, is the headquarters of the Services, Industrial, Professional, and Technical Union. Designed by Desmond Rea OKelly, it was formerly the tallest storeyed building in the state, at 59.4 metres, high until it was su ...


Totzeret HaAretz Towers

Totzeret HaAretz Towers, stylized as ToHa, is a partly built complex of three office skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first tower was completed in February 2019, and the second is slated to be inaugurated in 2024.


Twin Towers (Ramat Gan)

The Twin Towers are two identical office towers on Jabotinsky Road in the Diamond Exchange District area in the city of Ramat Gan, Israel. They have 14 floors each and were built between 1991 and 1994. Before their construction, the Asis candy fa ...


Libeskind Tower

Libeskind Tower, also called Il Curvo, is a skyscraper under construction that will reach a height of 175 m with 28 floors, and a total floor area of about 76.000 square metres. Situated between Il Dritto and Lo Storto, Il Curvo will slope in tow ...


Abcon Complex & Towers

The building complex would sit on 3.57 acres 1.44 ha, in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi, the capital and largest city in the country, approximately 3.7 kilometres 2.3 mi, southwest of the citys central business district. The skyscraper wo ...


BHL Tower

BHL Tower is a commercial skyscraper within the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. Located at Northam Road, the 30-storey building was completed in 1995 and stands at a height of 108 m. Aside from hosting a branch of CIMB Bank, BHL Tower al ...


MBf Tower

MBf Tower is a commercial skyscraper within the city of George Town in Penang, Malaysia. Located at Northam Road, the 31-storey building, completed in 1994, is one of the oldest skyscrapers along the coastal street.


Hanza Tower

Hanza Tower is a skyscraper currently under construction in Szczecin, Poland, it will stand where the destroyed clothing factory Dana used to stand. It will be in the shape of a sail and have 28 floors, including 3 underground. The tower will be ...


Kahramanlar Business Center

Kahramanlar Business Center, originally known as Emek Business Center, is a 22 storey highrise building in Kızılay Square, Kızılay, Ankara, Turkey. Inspired by the Lever House building in New York City, it was designed in 1959 as one of the first ...


Skyscraper office buildings in England


Skyscraper office buildings in Scotland


Skyscraper office buildings in the United States by state


Skyscrapers in Anhui


Skyscrapers in Guangdong


Skyscrapers in Guangxi


Skyscrapers in Guizhou


Skyscrapers in Henan


Skyscrapers in Hubei


Skyscrapers in Hunan


Skyscrapers in Jiangsu


Skyscrapers in Liaoning


Skyscrapers in Shandong


Skyscrapers in Sichuan


Skyscrapers in Yunnan


Skyscrapers in Zhejiang


Skyscrapers in Alabama


Skyscrapers in Alaska


Skyscrapers in Arizona


Skyscrapers in Colorado


Skyscrapers in Delaware


Skyscrapers in Idaho


Skyscrapers in Illinois


Skyscrapers in Indiana


Skyscrapers in Iowa


Skyscrapers in Kansas


Skyscrapers in Maine


Skyscrapers in Maryland


Skyscrapers in Michigan


Skyscrapers in Minnesota


Skyscrapers in Mississippi

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