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Tagarapuvalasa is a neighbourhood on the banks of River Gosthani is a part of Bheemunipatnam Municipality in Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the Kolkata–Chennai National Highway 16. National Highway 43 diverts from Maharajupeta village north of ...


Tin Factory junction

The Tin Factory junction is a road junction in Bangalore, India. Located near Krishnarajapuram railway station on Old Madras Road, the junction witnesses high traffic congestion and is one of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the city. The junctio ...


Expressway interchanges in South Korea


Expressway junctions in South Korea


Springs Junction

Springs Junction is a significant road junction in New Zealand that connects two major highways, State Highway 7 and State Highway 65. State Highway 7 runs between Canterbury and the West Coast of New Zealands South Island. State Highway 65 heads ...


Road junctions in Scotland



Stylidium is a genus of dicotyledonous plants that belong to the family Stylidiaceae. The genus name Stylidium is derived from the Greek στύλος or stylos, which refers to the distinctive reproductive structure that its flowers possess. Pollinatio ...


St Helena Tunnel

The St Helena Tunnel is a twin-tube road tunnel that forms part of the Pacific Highway near Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The 434-metre-long tunnel under St Helena Hill in the locality of Ewingsdale was built as part of the 17-kilometre ...


Quebec Autoroute 720

Autoroute 720, known as the Ville-Marie Expressway or Autoroute Ville-Marie is an Autoroute highway in the Canadian province of Quebec that is a spur route of Autoroute 20 in Montreal. Its western terminus is located at the Turcot Interchange, a ...


Tunnel Maurice-Lemaire

The Tunnel Maurice-Lemaire, commonly known as the Tunnel de Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is a former rail tunnel adapted to permit road traffic to drive between Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines and Saint-Die without needing to drive over the top of a mountain pa ...


Tunnel Tiergarten Spreebogen

The Tunnel Tiergarten Spreebogen is a 2.4 km long road tunnel in Berlin which connects Berlin Hauptbahnhof and Tiergarten. It is known as Tiergartentunnel. Each section has two lanes and a narrow standing strip. At the northern end there are acce ...


Road tunnels in India by state or territory


Kan-Etsu Tunnel

The Kan-Etsu Tunnel is a tunnel on the Kan-Etsu Expressway in Japan that runs through Mt. Tanigawa from Minakami, Gunma to Yuzawa, Niigata. The northern tube was opened in 1985 and the southern tube was opened in 1991.


Second Coen Tunnel

The Second Coen Tunnel is a tunnel under the North Sea Canal, next to the Coen Tunnel in Amsterdam. The tunnel was built in combination with a new highway connection, the Westrandweg, to the A5 motorway. The tunnel consists of 3 fixed lanes and t ...


Road tunnels in Akershus


Road tunnels in Buskerud


Road tunnels in Hordaland


Road tunnels in More og Romsdal


Road tunnels in Nordland


Road tunnels in Oslo


Road tunnels in Ostfold


Road tunnels in Rogaland


Road tunnels in Sogn og Fjordane


Road tunnels in Telemark


Road tunnels in Trondelag


Road tunnels in Vest-Agder


Road tunnels in Vestfold


Marina Coastal Expressway

The Marina Coastal Expressway is the tenth of Singapores network of expressways. Construction for the MCE began in 2008 and was completed at the end of 2013. The expressway was officially opened on 28 December that year by Senior Minister of Stat ...


Conway tunnel


Penmaenbach and Pen-y-clip tunnels


9th and 12th Street Expressways

The 9th Street Expressway and the 12th Street Expressway are a pair of spurs connecting Interstate 395 with Downtown Washington, D.C. The two carriageways are 0.2 miles apart from each other, and gain their namesake from the roads that they lead ...


Interstate 395 (Virginia–District of Columbia)

Interstate 395 in Washington, D.C., and Virginia is a 13.39-mile-long spur route of I-95 that begins at an interchange with I-95 in Springfield and ends at an interchange with U.S. Route 50 in northwest Washington, D.C. It passes underneath the N ...


Road tunnels in the United States by state


Expressways in Croatia


Limited-access roads in Israel


Motorways in Pakistan


Limited-access roads in the Philippines


Motorways in Poland


Expressways in Serbia


Limited-access roads in the United States


Route 611 (Afghanistan)

Route 611 is the main road between Nahri Saraj District and Kajaki District in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The southern terminus is at Highway 1 in the town of Girishk and the northern terminus is in the village of Kajaki. The road is approxim ...


A2 (Albania)

The A2 is the third largest motorway in Albania spanning 46.5 kilometers. As it connects Fier, the sixth largest city, to Vlore, the third largest city in the country and largest city in southern Albania, the motorway represents a major north–sou ...


Highways in Albania

The Highways in Albania are the central state and main transport network in Albania. The motorways and expressways are both part of the national road network. The motorways are primary roads with a speed limit of 110 kilometres per hour. They hav ...


Motorways in Albania

The Motorways in Albania are the controlled-access highway system in Albania predominantly under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. The motorways are characterised as roads with at least two lanes in each driving direct ...


Motorways in Albania


Highways in Algeria


National Route 7 (Argentina)

National Route 7 is a road in Argentina. It crosses the country from east to west, from the capital to the border with Chile, thus linking the Atlantic coast with the Andes, crossing the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba, San Luis and ...


National Route 9 (Argentina)

National Route 9 is a major road in Argentina, which runs from the center-east to the northwest of the country, crossing the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Santiago del Estero, Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy. It starts on Avenida General ...


National Route 12 (Argentina)

National Route 12 is a road in Argentina, connecting the northeast section to the rest of the country. It runs through the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Rios and Buenos Aires. Starting south of the city of Zarate in Buenos Aires Provin ...


National Route 14 (Argentina)

The Ruta Nacional 14 General Jose Gervasio Artigas is a major road in Argentina. It has its starting point in the small city of Ceibas, in the Entre Rios province. Route 14 diverges from Ruta Nacional 12, following the rio Uruguay coast and endin ...

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