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Sizzler (Brookside)


Sean Smith (Brookside)


Stephen Choi


Stephen Dudlow


Stuart Finnegan


Stuart Gordon (Brookside)


Sue Sullivan


Susannah Morrissey


Suzie Michaelson


Terry Finnegan


Terry Gibson (Brookside)


Thomas Farnham (Brookside)


Tommy McArdle


Tony Dixon (Brookside)


Tracey Corkhill


Tracy Corkhill


William Corkhill


Alex Warner (Coronation Street)


Ben Heath


Billy Mayhew


Brendan Finch


Caitlin Ryan (Coronation Street)


Andy Carver


Caz Hammond


Clayton Hibbs


Aidan Connor


Aidan Critchley


Elaine Perkins


Erica Holroyd


Fran Heath


Abi Franklin


Gemma Winter


Harry Hewitt (Coronation Street)


Henry Newton (Coronation Street)


Jackson Hodge


Imogen Pascoe


Imran Habeeb


Jamie Bowman


Johnny Connor (Coronation Street)


Jon Lindsay (Coronation Street)


Joni Preston


Jude Appleton


Kate Connor (Coronation Street)


Katie McDonald


Kayla Westbrook


Linda Hancock


Callum Logan


Marion Logan


Mark Redman (Coronation Street)


Marta Zarek

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